Extended Delivery Center

EDC Model

An Extended Delivery Center (EDC) model is a location and facility that serves as an extension of a primary delivery center. EDC provides services for software development, consulting, business process modernization, technologies upscale, and cost-optimized operations to stay competitive in the digital age.

Remote Operations

The extended delivery center is typically situated in a different geographic location from the company’s main headquarters. It might be in the same country or even in a different country altogether. This allows companies to tap into a broader talent pool and leverage cost advantages in different regions.

Talent Acquisition

Companies often set up extended delivery centers to access skilled professionals in areas where they might not have a physical presence. This approach allows them to tap into specialized talent that might be scarce or expensive to find at their primary location.

Cost Savings

Extended delivery centers can help companies reduce operational costs, Labor costs, real estate expenses, and other overheads can be lower in certain regions, leading to potential cost savings.


Extended delivery centers can help companies scale operations more flexibly. Quickly ramp up or down workforce in response to project demands without major disruptions.


Extended delivery centers in different locations can provide business continuity benefits. If a natural disaster or other disruption affects the main office, operations can continue from the extended center.

Time Zone Coverage

Operating globally, an extended delivery center in a different time zone will ensure continuous support or development work around the clock.

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