Appl Egos

Develop Apps faster with AppLegos

Discover the power of AppLegos, a full-featured Application Development Environment (ADE), in partnership with MethodHub. Streamline your app development cycle and unlock the potential of quick and efficient software development.


No Complex Code, No Technical Skills

Build applications without writing complex code. Get access to frameworks with
drag and drop feature, and create visual interfaces.

Efficient and Accessible

Reduce the time and resources required to develop software, making it more accessible to individuals and small businesses.

Versatile Features

Customize your applications with a wide range of features, hierarchical configurations, and create a unified user experience.

Microservices-based Architecture

Extend the platform with SDKs and configurations, and leverage UI components and controls for web and mobile platforms.

Our Forte

Keeping it simple for business users

Manage and Monitor with Ease
  • Effortlessly manage and monitor applications and features
  • Implement batch processing and scripting with the CLI tool
  • Access desktop applications and services to leverage network services
Actionable Data & User Alerts
  • Empower your decision-making with actionable data via reporting and dashboards
  • Stay updated with user alerts and notifications on important events
Secure & Trusted Platform
  • Prioritize security, and ensure protection of data and applications
  • Benefit from a secure, tested, and trusted platform that adapts and evolves with your business
Benefits Beyond Compare
  • Measurable business outcomes in days, not months
  • Build applications with drag and drop approach
  • Embrace standardized process templates, automation, and integration using Web 4.0 concepts

AppLegos – Application Security Done Right

Profiling Engine

Access your preferences, privacy and personalization controls from any device.

Workflow Engine

Centralized Project Management in real time using roadmaps to depict the big business picture

Discovery Engine

Create a public profile that allow individuals to list out the list of connections using web-based services

Document Engine

Safely store and access your files anywhere using the app or web.

Analytics Engine

Platform for building and sharing visual data through reports

Appointment Engine

Online Appointment booking systems

“Revolutionize your app development journey and experience efficiency, accessibility, and growth like never before.”

Embrace the transformative power of AppLegos
in partnership with MethodHub.

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