Transfer Stabilize Operate

TSO Model

The Transfer, Stabilize, Operate (TSO) model framework is used to outsource your IT projects or services. The phases a project or service goes through to transition from an initial development or implementation stage to a fully operational and stable state. The TSO model helps organizations ensure a smooth transition from development to full-scale operation while minimizing disruptions and ensuring that the project or service meets its intended goals. Each phase of the model plays a crucial role in the overall success and sustainability of the project or service.


The project or service is handed over from the development or implementation team to the operations team. It involves transferring all the necessary knowledge, documentation, and resources needed to support and maintain the project or service. This phase typically includes activities such as training the operations team, documenting procedures and configurations, and ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support the service


During the stabilization phase, the focus is on ensuring that the project or service is stable, reliable, and performing as expected in a real-world environment. This phase might involve identifying and resolving bugs, issues, or performance bottlenecks that emerge after the initial deployment. The stabilization phase is crucial to ensure that the project or service meets its performance and reliability goals before it moves into full operation.


In the operating phase, the project or service is officially operational and used by end-users or customers. The operations team is responsible for monitoring the service, managing incidents, maintaining performance, and ensuring ongoing functionality. This phase involves regular maintenance, updates, and implementing any necessary changes based on user feedback or evolving requirements.

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