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Revolutionize Business Processes with RFID Integration

Our partnership with MethodHub underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence. United by a shared passion for technological advancement, we leverage MethodHub’s cutting-edge technologies to enhance our RFID solutions. This partnership elevates our capabilities and enables us to provide you with unparalleled solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success.


Our vision is ambitious – to transform management into quality management and seamlessly integrate systems. With this vision, we strive to elevate the way businesses operate and manage their resources, all while ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


At the core of our mission is your success. We are dedicated to becoming the foremost provider of RFID solutions and products on a global scale. Our focus lies in developing top-tier RFID solutions and products, coupled with providing end-to-end services to customers around the world. Greenfuturz is more than a solution provider; we are your partner in achieving business excellence.

Our Forte

Keeping it simple for business users

RFID Label

Tailored to your unique requirements, we craft RFID labels and tags that fit seamlessly into your business processes.


Testing Services: Ensure the quality and efficiency of your new products with our comprehensive testing services.

RFID & IoT Solution Design

Transforming ideas into reality, our experts design seamless solutions for your business needs.


3Dbi, 6Dbi, 9 Dbi: Choose from our range of antennas for optimal signal reception.

UHF Tags

Multi-form Factors: Our UHF tags come in various form factors to suit your needs.

RFID Integration Services

We seamlessly integrate RFID technology into your existing operations, enhancing efficiency.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is not just a word for us; it’s a commitment. We prioritize delivering the finest RFID solutions and products that stand out in the industry. Our team relentlessly pursues excellence, ensuring that every solution we offer is of the highest quality. With Greenfuturz, you can expect nothing but the best.

Driving Sustainability through Innovation

Our RFID solutions revolutionize resource utilization, providing unmatched clarity on products and enhancing overall work resource management. We believe that a successful business must harmonize its operations with sustainable practices. Greenfuturz’s solutions are designed to empower businesses for a more sustainable future.

“MethodHub embarks on a journey of innovation and excellence with Greenfuturz - the ultimate destination for cutting-edge RFID solutions.

We provide top-notch RFID solutions and products that redefine industry standards. Our unwavering dedication to quality is our promise to you.”

Join Greenfuturz in embracing the future with quality, sustainability, and innovation.

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Experience a new era of business solutions that propel you towards success.