Promptora AI

Revolutionize Business with Hyper Automation!

At MethodHub, we are proud to partner with Promptora – a leading-edge and secure generative AI platform designed specifically for businesses. With a team of dedicated professionals at the forefront of emerging technologies, Promptora delivers cutting-edge AI solutions for business consumption in a highly secure manner.


About Promptora AI

Gptsphere, a GPT Marketplace where innovation meets efficiency in the world of AI. Access 100+ models instantly, including Llama2, RedPajama, Zephyr, Gemini, Grok, Open AI, BARD and more! Using serverless end points.

Built-in Gen AI Use Cases

Built-in Gen AI Use Cases Offers 20+ ready-to-use Gen AI Use Cases for each industry and business size. Provides a range of applications, leveraging the product’s capabilities across different sectors. Aims to address specific needs with pre-built solutions for quick implementation.

Custom Model Building

Custom Model Building Promptora Custom Models for training state-of-the-art AI models. Incorporates cutting-edge optimizations like FlashAttention-2. Full ownership and deployment flexibility for the created model. Guides through data design, model architecture selection, training, tuning, and evaluation

Fine-Tuning Capability

Allows customization of open-source models with private data. Enhances accuracy for specific domain tasks. Simple dataset preparation and upload for fine-tuning. Full control over hyperparameters during fine-tuning. Monitoring results on Weights & Biases or deployment and testing through Promptora Playgrounds.

Why MethodHub

MethodHub’s commitment to excellence, security, collaboration, adaptability, and ethical AI practices has set us apart from competition. We prioritize comprehensive security, offering data masking, encryption, and role-based access control.

Dive into the power of Promptora’s advanced AI solutions and drive AI-driven data analytics

Then, look no further

Integrate multiple databases, experience multi-language interaction – all in one platformDive into the power of Promptora’s advanced AI solutions and drive AI-driven data analytics