Dynamic ERP and CRM Integration Services

The process of delivering a technology doesn’t end with requirement collecting, development, and deployment. It is something more than that. At MethodHub, we offer broader business perspectives, and ensure that your technology investment is spent wisely. We provide automation, integration and optimization services across ERP/CRM homegrown applications. Our business consultants go above and beyond by delivering solutions based on business processes that enhance an organization’s overall performance and inculcate a competitive edge that is imperative in today’s global marketplace.

ERP and CRM Integration – Delivery Expertise


Understanding customer landscape and business pain points


Discuss the requirements with business stakeholders and IT, Propose the most effective solution with process efficiency and business benefit.


Implement blueprint of requirements and processes


Monitor the performance of systems and processes.

Advantages of MethodHub’s ERP and CRM Integration Services

It is necessary to get an ERP that is complemented by an integrated CRM system to manage capital resources in addition to managing customer data. As disparate systems, they do encompass substantial benefits. But in today’s data driven world, agility plays a significant role for smooth data flow and increased visibility. Here are some of the benefits of MethodHub’s integrated ERP and CRM services.

Increased Reliability

Application upgrades will have minimal or no impact on uptime.

Increased scope for automation.

Use of Serverless technology

Process Optimization

60% improvement in user productivity by reducing clicks and hops.

Single-Page app with low waiting time per page or process flow


Reduced Infrastructure utilization cost

Modular approach reduces risks and downtime by 90%.

Minimal Maintenance

Inbuilt automation features reduce manual intervention by up to 70%.

Our application integration approach reduces maintenance overheads by up to 80%

Compatible with all mainstream browsers.

Easy and low-cost Changes/fixes with inbuilt RCA capabilities.

Flexible Scaling

Dynamic scaling based on day/time and user count.

Quick, easy vertical and horizontal no limit scaling.

Application Integration Lifecycle

Application Architecture and design
Application platform and reengineering
Application customization and implementation
Full lifecycle implementation
System integration services
Collaborate with business and implement using agile methodology & behavior driven development

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ERP / CRM Integration Services

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