Global IT Workforce Management Optimization


A globally recognized IT services provider excelling in delivering digital solutions across diverse industries, including banking and financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications. Renowned for exceptional digital services, they’re designated a “Leader” in the MENA region’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Services.


With a presence in over twenty countries and a workforce of over 10,000, this client required an integrated HR solution. They aimed to empower HR professionals with data-driven insights for optimal workforce management. Manual data collection and analysis hindered reporting, leading to reporting errors, time delays, and inaccurate insights.

How Lumenore Helps

Lumenore addressed these challenges. By aggregating and analyzing data from diverse sources, Lumenore transformed scattered data into actionable insights. The consolidated KPI dashboards provided a single source of truth, enabling proactive issue identification and informed decision-making.

Value Created

Lumenore’s HR dashboards offered real-time, accurate insights into critical HR metrics. This empowered HR managers to make informed decisions, reducing manual processing efforts. The dashboards fostered communication and transparency, facilitating collaboration among HR managers, executives, and line managers. Advanced analytics enabled predictive actions like attrition reduction through compensation reassessment, recognition, and career development investments. Lumenore’s solution surpassed expectations, yielding quantifiable improvements in employee retention rates and overall HR performance analysis.